Jan 10, 2009

Street Fighter IV Controllers Revealed at CES

Alright all you Street Fighter fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the much anticipated Street Fighter IV.

Gamespot is covering the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and have shared details on the variety of specially created Street Fighter IV controllers made by Mad Catz.

Check out the video below. I'm personally going to be placing a pre-order for the Tournament Edition fight stick. Very cool.


Paul Hunter said...

Nice, good video. I will most likely pick-up the standard tournament stick since it looks like it has the best balance of features and price. If I had a place to drill the tournament stick into I would probably purchase that model, but I can't drill holes into my living room coffee table. I can't wait for SF IV!

Clinton said...

Tournament stick looks pimp, however a bit hardcore for me. MadCatz is releasing some limited special edition game pads (no analog sticks, improved D-pad) and those look more up my alley.

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