What Console Do You Play The Most?

The Nielsen Company recently released their Top Ten Lists of 2008 for the US. This report focuses on the top trends in the US of which video games is one of them (ya don't say...).

One of the top ten lists related to video games was specific to video game console usage. Here are the results.

1. PS2 - 31.7%
2. Xbox 360 - 17.2%
3. Wii - 13.4%
4. Xbox - 9.7%
5. PS3 - 7.3%
6. Gamecube - 4.6%
7. Other - 16.2%
*Percentages for each console is the percent of all measured console minutes.

While the top 3 in this list doesn't come as much of a surprise, the fact that the PS3 placed behind the original Xbox is a little unexpected.

That said, NextGen Player is interested to know what game console you play the most? Enter our poll below.