Feb 25, 2009

EB Games - Killzone 2 Promotion?

As NextGen Player continuously scours the internet to look for great gaming deals, we've recently come across news of a deal that may sound too good to be true. On Canadian deals website RedFlagDeals.com, there is a post in the Deals section of their forum stating quite a tempting deal on the purchase of the very soon to be released Killzone 2.

Here's the deal.

Running from February 27th to March 1st (this coming weekend), if you trade in any of the following PS3 games, you can get Killzone 2 for $9.99 plus taxes. Acceptable PS3 trade in games are:

Prince of Persia
Call of Duty World at War
Fallout 3
Need for Speed Undercover

The ability to trade in Prince of Persia or Need for Speed Undercover and get Killzone 2 for $9.99 seems hot to me. The deal is said to be valid at EB Games locations across Canada. I would suggest you call your local EB Games to confirm this trade in deal for this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Confirmed! I just called.

Anonymous said...

whats the number i would like to kall and get me a copy. It would be amazing if any of u guys can get it for me.. :)

Paul Hunter said...

I have to be honest here, this is a really good deal. It's too bad I'm not down with my LittleBigPlanet and Fallout 3 copies, otherwise this would be a deal I'd have to follow through with.

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