An Interview with Noelle Hunt Bennett, Big Fish Games

Noelle was not only the moderator of the Women in Games panel held at this year's VFS Game Design Expo, she is also the creative talent recruiter at Big Fish Games.

I was curious to know more about the various skills and qualities video game recruiters look for in a potential artist or designer. With Noelle's help, I was able to shed some more light on this. If you happen by the Big Fish catalogue, you will quickly see that one of their specialties is the seek & find game.

So it's no surprise then, for Big Fish at least, exceptional illustration and PhotoShop skills are very sought after. And formal training is a big plus. But why am I paraphrasing when you can hear it all for yourself? As usual, you can plug into our interview by subscribing to NextGen Player on iTunes or listening to it on the Mevio Channel.