Watch Cartoon Xbox Newbies Experience HD For The First Time

I always thought that tee heeing was reserved for schoolgirls and old men pretending to be schoolgirls. Well, maybe I haven't always thought that, but certainly since Urban Dictionary was invented I have.

As much as I don't want to admit it, I actually tee heed several times after watching this Flash animation advertisement on the Xbox Canada website. In a nutshell, the cartoons show two white silhouette people who lead boring, monotonous lives deprived of glorious HD. Then suddenly, one guy (we'll call him Smart Dude) gets this epiphany that their lives would dramatically improve with the addition of an Xbox 360 console smack dab in their living room. Lo and behold, their lives dramatically improve (duh!)

Man, if this doesn't convince people to buy an Xbox 360, nothing will.

Link: Life In High Definition