A Blockbuster Gamer Value Pack Can Be Yours

Blockbuster has recently started a new promo for all you would-be Nintendo Wii or DS buyers out there. Quite frankly given the explosive console sales figures in Canada I'm surprised there are still people in Canada who do not own these systems yet.

All you got to do is pick up one of these systems with a trademarked accessory (Wii), or a trademarked software (DS) and you're eligible to receive a Gamer Value Pack valued at $100. It's not exactly clear what Blockbuster means by trademarked, but I'm guessing they mean an official Nintendo accessory such as a Nunchuk, or a trademarked Nintendo DS game such as New Super Mario Bros.

In any event, the Gamer Value Pack includes:

• Games Pass 30 day trial
• 2 x $5 off any accessory
• 2 x 25% off any used game
• Get $5 off any new Blu-ray purchase
• 2 x Rent 1 get 1 FREE Game
• Trade 3 games get FREE Pepsi and Doritos
• Buy 3 used games and get FREE Pepsi and Doritos
• 2 x FREE Game Disc Repair

This deal is good until April 19, 2009. Ironically enough, the form you need to fill out doesn't ask for proof-of-purchase, so maybe you need to mail in your proof or go in-store for step two.

With awesome games like MadWorld and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time coming out this month for Wii, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Pokemon Platinum coming out for DS, there really isn't any reason why you shouldn't have these systems by now. Unless of course you're one of those crazy people who aren't into that whole waggling and tapping fad.

For more info, check out the promo page here.