Dark, Foreboding Canadians Review Some PSN Games on Gamer's Voice

A pair of new Playstation game reviews (from fellow Canadian gamers) have appeared on Playstation.ca Gamer's Voice.

The common thread between the two reviews are dark, ominous lighting and deep, pensive spoken words. I was generally spooked until I realized the second review was done in the guy's kitchen. That's when I did my best immitation of Vincent Price and let out a loud muhahahaha sneer. (Now if only someone would put away all those dishes in the drying rack!)

Oh, and must admit that I agree with Wasted Talet's positive review on SIREN: Blood Curse. I picked up the game last summer and thought it was most execellen-tastic.

SIREN: Blood Curse (PSN)

3 on 3 NHL Arcade (PSN)