Mar 10, 2009

Interview With Jonathan Blow, Creator of Braid

While attending the Montreal International Game Summit in November, I had the opportunity to interview industry luminary Jonathan Blow. He's the guy genius behind the Xbox Live Arcade number one critically acclaimed game of all time, Braid. So why am I only getting around to posting this interview now? That's easy, I'm just so damned lazy. Booyah!

In the interview we explore whether games are moving more towards (or away) from a true artistic medium, a state-of-the-nation discussion on the indie game scene, and of course tons of Braid talk.

While at MIGS, Jonathan Blow gave a thought-provoking keynote speech entitled Fundamental Conflict In Contemporary Game Design and in his typical deep fashion, he proceeded to delve into why gameplay and story in contemporary games naturally fight each other, resulting in structurally unsound experiences.

Jonathan Blow is a real down-to-earth guy and it was a very enlightening conversation. I think you'll really enjoy this interview.

If you're interested in listening to Jonathan Blow's keynote speech at MIGS, you can download the MP3 and the powerpoint slides on the Braid blog here.


Crazy Joe said...

what did you do to the video? why is the ratio so fucked?

Paul Hunter said...

Well, I'm really not too sure why the ratio is so messed up. I was borrowing the camcorder, so maybe I either had it on the wrong setting or Google Video modified the ratio. It looked fine on the camcorder preview window. =)

Crazy Joe said...

I don't know what you did, but that sucks.

well, you got linked on the site for Braid which probably brought you some traffic.

You made the poster hate the internet....

"Sorry about the incorrect aspect ratio, but I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to fix it, with no success. The web is kind of sad sometimes."

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