Xbox Canada Introduces XBL 'Deal of the Week'

When it comes to Xbox Live gold account fees - you either dislike them or don't mind them. The dislike them camp generally point out that Wii and PS3's online services are both free. The don't mind them people often cite Xbox Live's better online experience and access to exclusive content as justifying the annual cost.

For people in the first group, Xbox Canada has a new offer to sway you to the other side. They've announced a new Xbox Live Gold “Deal of the Week.” XBL Gold members will receive discounts (between 25 and 50% off) each week on Arcade titles, Game Add-ons, Xbox Originals, and other content.

The current “Deal of the Week” is the Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode. The add-on is available for only 560 Microsoft points or a 33% discount off the regular price. Not bad considering the quality of the add-on. Keep in mind that each deal will only be available to Gold members for one week.

Coming later this month, Xbox Live Gold members will also have exclusive access to discounts on Game Add-ons for Project Gotham Racing 4, as well as the original Xbox classic title Fable.

Heck, if you buy a lot of XBLA games and DLC content maybe now an Xbox Live Gold membership will pay for itself.

Source: Deal of the Week [Xbox Canada]