Candid Interview With 'Grand Theft Childhood' Authors

I had the privilege of interviewing the highly impassioned authors of Grand Theft Childhood, a book that has spurred tremendous debate on the possible correlation between violent video games and real-world aggression. In the interview, I discuss with Dr. Lawrence Kutner and Dr. Cheryl Olson many topics that I'm sure has been on the mind's of many gamers out there - especially given how prevalent the topic of video game violence has been lately in the media.

We explore many pressing topics such as whether exposure to violent videos can result in increased levels of aggression, how the increasing sophistication of graphics and it's depiction of violence is impacting our children, and we also delve into whether video games should play a role in the social development of children. We even dabble a bit on sensitive topics such as the Virginia Tech shooting, and the tragic tale of Brandon Crisp.

Trust me when I say this, some of their responses will surprise you.