Come See Some DSi Launch Party Photos at Future Shop

April 5 was a biggg day for Nintendo in North America. No, it's not because the Rhythm Heaven campaign, starring Beyonce of all people, clap clap clapped into high gear. Nor was it because the new Warioware title Snapped! kind of ..umm crapped on Metacritic. It was a biggg day for Nintendo because the company finally launched the DSi, the spiritual successor to their highly popular DS handheld.

So what better way to launch a new system than our beloved gaming ritual of a midnight madness party? Thankfully, Future Shop ran a very successful event in Toronto to give Canadian gamers a chance to congregate and mingle over their love of all things DS.

While I wasn't able to attend this launch party, I was treated to some photos that were taken on Saturday night courtesy of the folks at Future Shop.

Here are few sample pics, for the full album check out this Flickr page.