Pictures from The Hand Eye Society Social

On April 23 I had the pleasure of attending the *second* social event from The Hand Eye Society, a Toronto-based group that aims to mesh together our local video game communities. It's an interesting concept, and worked better than I imagined in my head.

The night began in a quaint bar called Unit, located on Queen west downtown Toronto. It's long, it's narrow, it's dark - a perfect ambiance for gamers to mix and mingle.

Over the course of the evening I chatted with many interesting folks including Shaun Hatton the charismatic Editor of Toronto Thumbs, Jon Mak the founder of Queasy Games and developer of the highly acclaimed PSN game Everyday Shooter, Raigan Burns from Metanet Software and developer of the classic ninja action game N+, Ryan Henson Creighton the President of Untold Entertainment, and so many more stimulating people. (And I do mean stimulating in the most innocent of ways.)

While I was at the event I managed to snap a passel of photographs that I've uploaded to our Flickr account. If you want to check them out, click on the photo image below.

Oh, and one more thing, you've just got to check out this post from which presents the absurdly interesting monstrosities that we built that night out of clay. Here's hoping Pronto Pillyflup gets to one day star in it's very own video game!