Q&A Time: Future Shop's Used Game Program

Ever since we announced on NextGen Player that Future Shop would be entering the pre-owned game market, Canadian gamers have been asking me the odd question here and there about the program. The main questions I get are "when will the program launch at the xxx location?" and "what differentiates the FS used game program from other programs in Canada?" Well, as a kind service to our readers I tossed the questions over to Future Shop’s Merchandise Manager, Brian Zhang. Here's what he had to say:

NextGen Player: A lot of gamers have been asking us when the used game program will be rolled out completely across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), any idea when this will happen?

Brian Zhang: Future Shop is planning to launch in all stores in the GTA. We’re still waiting for licenses for Future Shop’s Vaughan and Keele & St. Clair stores. Currently, the following stores in the GTA offer customers used gaming:

Store#Store Location
062Yonge & Eglington
630Brampton East
602Richmond Hill
619FS Markham East
067Toronto - Downtown
053North York

NGP: Are there more locations across Canada that currently do not sell used games where we might see the program roll-out?

Brian: Used gaming at Future Shop has launched nationally across 120 retail locations out of 139. Our intention is to launch in all markets legally possible.

NGP: What's the best way for gamers to stay abreast of the latest Future Shop used gaming news and deals?

Brian: The best resources for anyone to stay on top of all the latest used gaming news, is checking Future Shop’s store flyers and our website, specifically www.futureshop.ca/usedgames. It’s worth noting that Future Shop now sells used games online at www.futureshop.ca.

NGP: Are there any key differentiators/advantages between the Future Shop used game program and other programs on the market that you'd like our readers to know about?

Brian: Future Shop has a number of key advantages for used gaming customers. First, Future Shop’s used gaming program offers choice. Customers can turn your old games into a cell phone, digital camera, ipod or even new a video game – the choice is theirs.

Second, Future Shop gives exception value. We give customers competitive value for your trade-ins

Third, it’s our offers. Customers receive great offers and incentives towards future purchases

Lastly, I’d say its peace of mind through Future Shop Used Games Guarantee. There’s a 30-day guarantee on all used games. Used games are inspected quality assurance. If there’s a problem, we’ll exchange it for the same game or provide an in-store credit. See one of our associates in-store for details.

NGP: Thanks Brian for your time, and good luck with the program.