Best Buy Canada Pilots Trade-In Program

By Paul Hunter

It looks like the used gaming market here in Canada is about to heat up even more as Best Buy Canada have announced on their website that they have launched a trade-in program at their 4 Edmonton stores.

The FAQ hints that future Best Buy stores will also roll-out this program by stating:
"We will continue to add trade-in gaming to other stores as we obtain licenses."
Best Buy joins Future Shop, EB Games, Blockbuster, Rogers Plus, and HMV who have all announced, or currently have a used gaming program here in Canada.

Much like the Future Shop trade-in program, used games traded in at Best Buy will earn you store credit for anything in the store -- not just limited to video games. The company will be accepting PS3, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360, NDS and DSi, and Wii titles for trade-in. It looks like you can trade in a maximum of three copies of the same game per day per person, which begs the question: why would anyone have more than three copies of the same game (aside from those shady scalper types)?

Unlike other trade-in programs, it looks like Best Buy has opted to post the trade-in values (TIVs) of quite a few recently released games, and the TIVs seem reasonably good. For example, you can trade in Fallout 3 for $40, Mario Party 8 for $30 and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift for $35.

It'll be interesting to see when/if this program expands into other cities and provinces across Canada. Stay tuned to NextGen Player for further updates as they roll in.