Canadian Gaming Deals, May 15th Edition

By Paul Hunter

I'm not too sure who originally decided that video games should cost a pretty penny, but that person clearly has many pretty pennies. For the rest of us, slogging through this pitiful recession can be made a little easier with a dab of frugality.

This week's video game deals run the gamut from Hmmm, to woohoo!, to Ouch. If you're in the market for a new gaming console though, boy are you in luck! It looks like Best Buy, Future Shop and Dell are all selling PS3s with a bundled goodie or two. Best Buy and Super Store are having some decent deals for Xbox 360 consoles as well. Finally, Future Shop is throwing in a free copy of Big Brain Academy for shoppers who pick up a Wii this week.

So why wait, let's jump into the weekly deal highlight reel shall we?

Future Shop

80GB PS3 with Uncharted and Hot shots Golf $399.99
MGS4 Limited Edition $29.99
Far Cry 2 $19.99 (PS3/360)
Spiderman 3 $9.99 (360)
GH:Aerosmith $14.99 (PS3/360)
360 60GB With NHL 2K9 $299.99
Wii with Big Brain Academy $279.99

Best Buy

80GB PS3 $399.99 with Rachet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Socom game w/ a headset
Patapon 2 $19.99
360 60GB $299.99 with Borne and All pro Football
Wii with Mario Tennis $299.99 save $10

Super Store
Xbox 360 all Sku's $30 off. Arcade $169.99, Pro $269.99 and Elite $369.99

PS3 80GB Blu-Ray Player Bundle with Remote and HDMI Cable $379.99

For a full list of this week's flyer deals, check out this post on the Cheap Ass Gamer forum.