May 9, 2009

Canadian Gaming Deals, May 7th Edition

By Paul Hunter

Another week, another round of Canadian gaming deals to feast your eyes on. This week's deals are a little ho-hum aside from the GTA deals circulating retail flyers. Wal-Mart is advertising the Canadian exclusive GTA IV 360 Elite Bundle for $398 (which includes GTA IV, 400 MS points and 2 Stickers), and Future Shop is selling a DSi bundled with GTA: Chinatown Wars for $219.99 (a savings of $20).

Fellow NGPer Andrew Green recently picked up GTA: Chinatown Wars and has been raving about it. Something about putting a smelly fish inside a mobster's car air conditioning. Yeah, I didn't get it either. I guess it's one of those games you just have to play for yourself to get the joke.

In any event, here are some quick highlights of this week's deals:

Best Buy

80 GB PS3 Bundle with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Brother's in Arms: Hells Highway $429.99
360 Elite GTA 4 Bundle with GTA 4, Chrome Hounds, and The Darkness $399.99
360 Wireless adapter $79.99

Future Shop

DSI Bundle GTA: China Town Wars $219.99 (Save $20)
XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Game Bundle $79.99 with Viva PiƱata Trouble in Paradise and Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
MGS4 limited Edition $34.99
Patapon 2 $19.99


GTA 4 360 Elite Bundle $398 includes GTA 4, 400 MS points and 2 Stickers.
Lego Indiana Jones DS $24
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga DS $19

Toys R Us

360 Lego Indy $24.99
360 Assassin's Creed $29.99
360 GTAIV/Halo 3 $44.99 each

For a full list of gaming deals this week, check out Princess Zelda's post on the CAG Forums.


Anonymous said...

You know Assassin's Creed for 360 is regularly $29.99 at EBgames right.

Paul Hunter said...

I knew that Assassin's Creed recently dropped in price for PS3 when it joined the 'Greatest Hits' list, but it's been awhile since I've checked the price for the 360. It makes sense the game has dropped to $30 considering it's been on shelves since November 2007.

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