Canadian Gaming Flyers, May 28 Edition

By Paul Hunter

Some weeks we get great gaming deals, other weeks not so much. Fortunately for all of us, this week is much more of the former. Not only did plenty of worthwhile PS3 games get inducted into the 'Greatest Hits' collection (resulting in a permanent price reduction) but retail flyers this week are just brimming with gaming deals!

Let the fun begin:

Best Buy

The Sims 3 PC $49.99
Collectors Edition Sims 3 $69.99
Age of Empire: The Asian Dynasties PC $19.99
Flight Simulator Gold Edition PC $19.99
Empire Total War PC $44.99
60GB 360 with Prince of Persia $299.99
Red Fraction Guerrilla with free Mining Walker Figure 360/PS3 $69.99
Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit 360/PS3 $149.99 Save $60
80GB PS3 with NHL 2K9
Resistance 2 $39.99
Motorstorm: Pacific Drift $39.99
Wii with Nights:Journey of Dreams $279.99
Wii remote and Nunchuck $59.99 Save $10
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 with Wii Motion Plus $69.99 (available June 7th)
XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Game Bundle $69.99 with Viva PiƱata Trouble in Paradise and Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts and a wireless controller.
PSP 3000 Core System with Wipeout Pulse, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, Carrying Case and Cloth $169.99
Nintendo DS Lite $139.99 with Free Zelda Accessory Kit (great for carry everything and it has extra Styluses).

Future Shop

PSP 3000 Core System with Hot Shots Golf, Buzz Master Quiz and Resistance: Retribution and a carrying case $169.99
The Sims 3 PC $49.99
Collectors Edition Sims 3 PC $69.99
60GB 360 with Prey $299.99
Fallout 3 Expansion Pack $24.99
Prototype $69.99 (June 11th)
360 Family Games Bundle including: Your in the Movies, Scene It? Box Office Smash, Banjo-Kazooie $69.99 (June 3rd)
Gears 2 $39.99
360 Wireless Adapter $89.99
Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit 360/PS3/PS2 $149.99
80GB PS3 With Dark Sector $399.99
Infamous $69.99
Resistance 2 Collectors Edition $49.99
Killzone 2 $59.99
Socom with Headset $39.99
NBA 09 $29.99
RedFraction Guerrilla $69.99
Wii with Battle of the Bands $279.99
Wii Fit $99.99
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings $49.99 (June 9th)
NHL 2K9 $29.99
EA Sports Active $64.99
Nintendo DS Lite with Boogie $139.99


Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PS3/360 $19
My Fitness Coach Wii $19
Shaun White Snowboarding PSP/DS $19

Real Canadian Super Store

80GB PS3 $379.99 Save $20
Dual Shock 3 controller $49.99 Save $5
Sims 3 PC $49.99

[Thanks Princess Zelda!]