Microsoft Acquires BigPark; There Be Job Openings

By Clinton Ma

Microsoft just acquired Vancouver game design firm, BigPark in the wake of a senior Xbox executive resignation and two rounds of layoffs across their entertainment and in-game advertisement divisions.

The software giant has certainly felt the sting of the economic downturn in recent months but this new acquisition points towards their devotion to the success of their console business.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, Xbox & Games for Windows boss Don Mattrick co-founded BigPark two years ago with Erik Kiss, Wil Mozell and Hanno Lemke. While the sentimental link is there, the business angle is also sound when you look at BigPark's resume of work on some of EA's top franchises including Need for Speed, SSX and FIFA Soccer.

And if BigPark's website is anything to go by, they are on a hiring spree, holding an open call for every type of development job under the sun. So it's time for you local game design grads and the newly unemployed to shake off those economic downturn blues and polish up those CVs.

Source: paidContent