May 2, 2009

Who Will Have the Best E3 Showing?

Feature - Mind Games

By Paul Hunter

All right, listen up you opinionated types and chatterboxes. We're introducing a new semi-regular feature on NextGen Player called "Mind Games" where we ask you, the reader, to join in our discussions or answer our burning questions. How it works is simple: We pose a question or ask for your opinion, and you give it to us. That's it, easy-as-pie. We're sick of hearing ourselves speak all day long, yap yap yap, so you've got to help us end this insanity. Speak your minds, and let us know what YOU think! Heck, maybe we'll even get to know each other by name. I'll start - my name is Paul, and I've got a burning question for you dammit.

E3 is exactly one month away. The Big Three (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony) have been fueling the hype train to obnoxious levels, all boasting some big surprises at this year's E3. You've heard their hubris, now we want to know your opinion:

Who Will Have the Best E3 Showing?


Anonymous said...

I think Sony will definitely have the best E3. They have the best game line up for the holiday season. If you look at what Sony will most likely show, for both PS3 and PSP, it's going to be huge! I can't wait.

CrimsonFox13 said...

It'll either be Sony or Microsoft. I think Sony has a bigger chance to have a greater showing, though, since we have many confirmed great games in development, and many others we know are being developed and haven't been announced yet (Ico3, Twisted Metal, maybe new Warhawk, whatever that exclusive Rockstar game was Sony announced they were making (They clearly stated that it was not L.A. Noire, but something different that's exclusive), whatever Kojima's making (if he decides to stay exclusive), etc.)

Microsoft, however, doesn't have much announced. They could be saving them for a huge blowout for an attempt to steal the show, but I don't know if they would actually do that. I feel like Sony isn't good at presentations like these and fail to do as good as they should/could, and I feel like Microsoft seems a bit better with presentations, but even still, I have to give it to Sony. Nintendo, on the other hand, has already reached its peak, and I can't see anything but disappointment from their presentation.

Jeez, that was long.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft by a long shot. They didnt waste any of their announcement prior to the show. Which means everything will be fresh and new. The WORLD will be on it's ear when Bungie releases footage of OSDT, Mass Effect and Lost Planet 2. If Alan Wake exists it may steal the whole show.

Shazzyone said...

I think it's flat out ignorant to be counting out Nintendo in this one. Nintendo knows they messed up last year and they have something to prove this year. In the end sony and microsoft will be hocking new add-ons and systems. Some reasonable but somewhat by the books games. God of war 3 and the new psp might bring oohs and ahhs. However nintendo will show new games and truly new ways to game. It's been two years and the number 1 system in the world has backing now. I expect E3 will probably see more amazing wii titles then either sony or microsofts holdings combined. Wii motion + for the win.

Paul Hunter said...

CrimsonFox13, Anon,

Those are pretty sound assessments from what we know thus. Sony has been very open about their games this year, we've already seen Uncharted 2 single player and multi-player footage, we've seen screens of Ratchet & Clank: ACIT, Heavy Rain, MAG, God of War 3, and more. Conversely, Microsoft really seems to be holding their cards tight this year. Same with Nintendo really, most of their news relates to games mentioned last year (e.g. Wii Sports Resort, Punch Out!!, Sin and Punishment 2).

Anonymous said...

Sony's line-up is bigger and better than Micorsoft and Nintendo combined times 10, that's true. However, Sony isn't great at presentation, so this could mess things up a little. I hope they focus on their strength that is solid hardcore games, and don't waste much time on casual market, video stores, statistics, PS2 or talking against its competitors. If they play it safe, everything good will be guaranteed.

C-LOVE said...

k sony is taking this one, they dont waste ne thing even in past years maybe a little difficult on presentation but if microsoft put as much effort into the games as they do for presentation then they might have a shot, nintendo is running low on everything, really bad multi-players, kiddish games, ya they sell alot cuz parents buy there kids that stuff, but for the true gamer i think its sony or microsoft, im a sony fan so im gonna go wit sony, but we have the hottest lineup, our online psn is getting closer to micro every update, i think this years E3 goes to sony by a mile, with great games always upcoming they dont stop and take breath its there time and there not gonna stop thx guys

Anonymous said...

Nintendo by far..... the motion plus the controller is gonna be the bomb again. I mean come on which Tiger woods golf would you play??

Anonymous said...

Sony by a long shot. MS might be holding a few surprises but they will either be PS rehashes/ports, or timed exclusives.

The true gamer knows that the best combination this gen is PS3 and PC. With the exception of a very few games, this will allow you to play almost all of them. Including the Xbox 360 savior that everyone keeps hyping....Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, and Mass Effect 2.

You can't play PS3 exclusives on the PC, because they are...well...exclusive.

The_Con-Sept said...

I think Sony is going to have the best E3 showing because of the amount of titles that Sony has coming up. M.A.G. will impress the frag hungry FPS junkies while Final Fantasy XIII VS will attract the RPG audience. (If they even show it this year.) The New PSP details should be confirmed as well as the PS Store growing bigger with more releases.

I believe that they will show some new expansions in home that will distract players from their original concept to one that seems more reachable.

We will possibly be shown 2 to 3 new IP's that have been in works with the media buzzing about how they aren't allowed to talk about them until Sony reveals them.

Microsoft seems to have a dry list of games coming up for this holiday season but who knows. Will they throw money at some third party company and repeat what they did with GTA4?

Nintendo dropped the ball last year. I don't think they are going to be on good vibes this year. Of all companies Nintendo is actually sitting on top of heated coals this E3.

Dv8thwonder said...

Nintendo hands down! New Mario and Zelda, S&P2, The Conduit, a real storage solution and new IP's could put them over the top.DQX and Monster Hunter 3 could be showstoppers if presented well.

Anonymous said...

I do feel that MS will have to announce everything they have and they will, they will announce new games and old games coming this year and the next, as far as the hype is concerned I do believe that all companies will bring their game to E3 09 but I do believe that MS will bring the most games but that doesn’t necessary mean it will win.
Sony in the other hand has announce there line up but I do believe that they have a couple of games that will come out this year or early next that they have not announce and that will be very good and maybe some long awaited announcements like twisted metal black, new MGS or Zone of the enders and team ico’s game and maybe the PSP 2 and some home stuff.
In the end all three companies will bring there a game and will pretty even unless Sony announces that mass effect 2 will come to the PS3 that will be big or MS announces that FF 13 will come to Japan. Both companies have good things coming so all conferences will be interesting to see and I heard that Sony has a game that will shock people so I can’t wait to see it.
And as far a MS steeling another PS3 exclusive is just bull there a no PS3 exclusive left to steal so that thing that 360 fanboys used is over.
E9 hope is better than last year.

Anonymous said...

even if microsoft make a deal t realese ff13 in japan it will be a mess and a waste of money.loool microsoft cant you understand that you will always b last no matter what you do jeez.and please stop saying that mass effect and lost planet 2 are exlusive t the 360 cause no they aren t pffff

Clinton said...

A lot of great predictions so far!

I really feel this is Sony's E3 to "lose". They have probably the best line-up of games since its launch with a surprise or two to further hype things up. If they haven't already internally abandoned their Home experiment, I see them announcing a big new feature for that just to get it back into people's minds.

Microsoft will not have as strong a showing this year but far be it from me to underestimate their marketing savvy. There's this notion that, with no NXE-size project announced, they have nothing to show at E3 except for what we already know about (i.e. ODST). It's precisely what they haven't announced that will really catch people off guard.

I say Nintendo will come in a close second to Sony this year. I think they learned their lesson from E3s past. They'll be expected to trot out more high-concept casual games (and they will) but look for them to really blow the core gamers away with an announcement for a new title from a core franchise. They are also still coming down from the hype of the DSi launch and I fully expect them to capitalize on their new portable platform.

This year's E3 is their return to form, so regardless of what goes down I am completely psyched!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that Microsoft will blast out with a whole bunch of stuff, Epic will probably announce something along with Lionhead and there might be some info on Halo Chronicles too...

Anonymous said...

Sony will likely announce that the PS3 is their last console. With their gaming division constantly in the red, and most people buying the PS3 to play blu-ray movies only (ask any Best Buy person to confirm), what is the point on making a marginal console that's twice the cost?

They will likely also bring out the new PSP, but shoot themselves in the foot by once again leaving out the second analog "nub". Crippling all FPS and action games on the new PSP.

Anonymous said...

I bet Sony will announce v2.8 of their PS3 firmware with the following awesome features (in Sony's mind anyway):

a. Automatic capitalization of the first letter of the first word in chat sentence.

b. 16 player text chat, instead of the lowly 15 player text chat.

c. More backgrounds for the wonderful photo application.

d. Metrosexual avatars.

e. New colors in the PSN ID for online play, such a red, blue, green, off-taupe, ebony white and banana yellow.

and many other highly requested XMB features that PS3 owners have been demanding.

Anonymous said...

What about Home though? Sony might well announce some of the fun features that I have emailed them:

1) Virtual waiting in line at the Supermarket.

2) Metrosexual clubhouse. oh, scratch that, that's all of Home. my bad.

3) More companies supporting Home with spaces, such as Tampax, Ortho, Dow Chemical, East Pittsburgh Pipe & Valve Supply, Matt Hazard Lounge.

4) The ability to have more bland furniture in my sparsely furnished crib.

5) Larger breast cups on the female avatars.

6) More incredibly fun parlor games such as chinese chess, cards and other simpleton games to really put my PS3 to good use. Oh, and only have 2 tables with these games to service the 10's of thousands that enter Home.

7) Nagging mother/wife/girlfriend to constantly follow me in Home and remind me to do my homework/feed the dog/take her out drinking, etc.

I didn't buy my Playstation 3 to watch blu-ray movies or play high definition games, I bought it to wait in virtual lines to play simple games like grandma used to do back during the depression.

Anonymous said...

If Sony announces new games to go along with the line-up we already know, give solid or estimated release dates to big titles like Gran Turismo 5 and God of War 3, and be able to amaze us with footage of the games we already know then I believe Sony would have the best showing.

However if Microsoft would announce a lot of new titles from existing IP's or new IP's such as Killer Instinct 3 or Alan Wake, the real factor for Microsoft will in my opinion be, how will they surprise me as much as they surprised me last year? It'd be hard for them to top the FFXIII announcement. The question for me is if they have a game that rivals the appeal that Gran Turismo or God of War have, will they announce DLC for Gears, Gears 3, the next Halo game maybe. For me it's about them showing a game that has been proven as a franchise.

I sincerely have my doubts about LP2's (Capcom) and ME2's (EA) exclusivity. I believe both albeit late will eventually reach the PS3

After last E3 there's nowhere to go but up for Nintendo when it comes to E3, but I doubt they will win.

What I'm really looking forward to in the end are games from Double Fine, Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Realtime Worlds. If all of those dev's announce something I'd be more than happy.

All in all the winner here are the gamers. Yay me

Dan said...

Nintendo's show will be the biggest AND the best. I have no reasoning to back this up. I just like Nintendo more.

Mohammed said...

ok one thing i know is tht sony will hold a gr8 show this year but never forget that MS is saying nothing i mean nothing what so ever they definitely got somethin cookin but i mean if they wont say anything that means tht they are completely relying on it and i think that that is a mistake because if it fails tht means time exclusives wont cut it XD

Anonymous said...

Sony will most likely announce that there are no plans for a new Playstation. This due to the economy, poor console sales, poor games sales, and horrible online service.

There will be more announcements about Home. More waiting in virtual lines for retro games that no one wants to play anymore. There will be new ways to harass females in Home too.

The new PSP will be announce with only a single analog stick. Again, crippling the gameplay for no apparent reason other than the Japanese mindset (which is diametrically opposite that of the western man).

Anonymous said...

Sony will also publish statistics on their online service. This will likely be the following:

a. Average PS3 users age is 12.

b. Average PS3 owner buys only 3 games (they cannot afford any more after shelling out $400).

c. Average PS3 gamer trades in their games to GameShyster thereby robbing the industry of game sales and hurting their own console.

d. Average PS3 gamer NEVER uses a microphone in any team based games online. Right, why would you?!?!

e. Average PS3 gamer rarely goes online since they are still stuck in the PS2 era mindset.

f. Average PS3 gamer owns 15 PSN accounts, which falsely inflates the PSN account figures. Why? Because they can and it costs them nothing. A fact Sony does not want to address.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one, hope that Sony announces a pricing structure for the PSN.

Even $10/year would be great. It would help Sony make some more money. And it would help stop people from creating endless accounts just because they can.

It makes them more accountable and forces them to play fair since they cannot run off and create a new account.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Sony stop underage gaming. Teenagers under 18 years old are not supposed to be playing these adult games.

Instead they should be doing their homework, obeying their parents and performing community service.

ESRB prohibits the sale of these games to minors. Make these E Felony crimes and jail the parents.

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if Sony would announce a new controller for the Playstation 3.

I want to wave my hands around like a 'tard just like my Nintendo friends. And then drool and feel good about myself. Playing dulled down versions of popular games that have been "Wii-ified" would be great too. Like Killzone 2a, using the Sony Tard control stick would be lots of family and girlfriend fun. Grandma would love it too!

Anonymous said...

The reason that Sony is having to go after the "casual gamers" is because their own Fanboys have let them down. Sony Fanboys do not buy their own consoles games in any quantities this generation.

Look at Killzone 2 sales. Has yet to break even 2 million yet. Might happen by the end of the year perhaps, but this game was going to be the "Halo" of the PS3 and it was EPIC FAIL after all the Fanboy hype.

And this is what is slowly killing the PS3. Lack of game sales. Lack of support in general.

This is why my belove Playstation 3 console sits in dead last place, falling further behind each week, this console generation.

Anonymous said...

Sony has a great potential to do well this generation. There are a number of exclusives which the 360 hasn't got control over, as well as some which PS3 is keeping mum on. These include: Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, GoW 3, GT5, MAG, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 3 and the apparent exclusivity of the next Rockstar Franchise (which will be awesome - 'Bully' anyone!!!???). Also, some good games which are cross platform are to be announced, such as Battlefield 1943, AC2 next GTA etc. This means that they have the software potential to last a long while. Also, PSP has an exciting lineup, with basically all games which are released for Wii as well as Tekken 6, New Assassins Creed, Soul Caliber and LittleBigPlanet. Couple this with a Wii-esque motion controller for select games and a complete DLC PSP, and Ill think we will see a great lineup for the Sony consoles.

You should be wary of the 360, as they do have some good games, but the PS3 is rapidly catching up on their online service and installed base. PS3 has 21 million consoles sold, and the 360 has about 30 million sold, but take into account that they had a 1 year head start. The installed base is there, and by the end PS3 will be dominant over the 360. The 360 only seems to sell shooters nowadays, and that isn't the only genre which people want.

And screw the Wii, it sucks.

Anonymous said...

The wii realy has rubbish games, like crappy shovelware and rubbish minigames. there are no serious games 4 it, Mad world flopped and developers will see that serious games aren't designed for the wii, as people just want to use a yardwork simulator or walk the dog simulator.

They dont look after the hardcore crowd, as the wii only has games which we have all seen before, we are on Mario Party 8!!!! the games are jus the same just updated. If the 360 or ps3 make gd motion sensin games with the new controllers this e3, the hardcore wii crowd shud go to these people.

Anonymous said...

@ Moron

"You should be wary of the 360, as they do have some good games, but the PS3 is rapidly catching up on their online service and installed base."

Total lie!

Check the NPD sales numbers every week/month. Sony is ALWAYS behind in sales each time. 30K to 50K. So tell me again how they are catching up?????

Yeah, I love how Sony Fanboys run around spouting off comments with absolutely ZERO facts to support their outrageous comments.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Sony stop underage gaming. Teenagers under 18 years old are not supposed to be playing these adult games.

Instead they should be doing their homework, obeying their parents and performing community service.

ESRB prohibits the sale of these games to minors. Make these E Felony crimes and jail the parents.

LOL, joke post

Anonymous said...

Pat says:

I think MS will have by far the best showing, the reason being that they simply haven't announced anything big for this year so far.

We'll see Alan Wake, Huxley, APB and a new lionhead project as new IP's.
We'll also see Gears 3, Forza 3, Halo ODST, Mass Effect 2 amoungst other current ips.

We're going to see their new whole body motion sensing bar shown for the first time, which will make Sony's wii reipoff look incredibly lame.

Also, we'll see the classic end of conference SHOCKER. whcih will be a big name steal from sony, as in previous years (GTA, final fantasy).
My betting is Metal Gear on 360.

Anonymous said...

If they put mgs on the 360 i would cry.

I bought it mainly for that game...

Anonymous said...

Sony took the show last year at E3 2008. I'm sure they will do it again this year.

Rebel said...

@ Superdynamite

You are incorrect. Microsoft stole the show, hands down. Please remove your PS3 Fanboy glasses and realize that the PS3 is in a distant last place in this generations console race. And falling further behind every week.

BastardZ said...

Metal Gear Solid 4 will easily fit on DVD. Once you remove all the boring, endless, stupid cutscenes. The game is no larger than Barbie Action Adventure.

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