May 2, 2009

Who Will Have the Best E3 Showing?

Feature - Mind Games

By Paul Hunter

All right, listen up you opinionated types and chatterboxes. We're introducing a new semi-regular feature on NextGen Player called "Mind Games" where we ask you, the reader, to join in our discussions or answer our burning questions. How it works is simple: We pose a question or ask for your opinion, and you give it to us. That's it, easy-as-pie. We're sick of hearing ourselves speak all day long, yap yap yap, so you've got to help us end this insanity. Speak your minds, and let us know what YOU think! Heck, maybe we'll even get to know each other by name. I'll start - my name is Paul, and I've got a burning question for you dammit.

E3 is exactly one month away. The Big Three (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony) have been fueling the hype train to obnoxious levels, all boasting some big surprises at this year's E3. You've heard their hubris, now we want to know your opinion:

Who Will Have the Best E3 Showing?