May 24, 2009

Will Nintendo Please the Hardcore Gamer at E3?

By Paul Hunter

Ah lazy Sunday, my favourite day of the week. Nothing really to do aside from talking about video games and playing video games. I wish every day could be a lazy Sunday, just imagine how many more achievements and trophies we would have.

Since it's relax day, that means it's time for another round of Mind Games, a feature where we ask you, the reader, to join in our discussions or answer our burning questions. We've recently been talking a lot about E3 here on NextGen Player, it I thought this week's conversation would follow the same topic.

If there's one thing that I'm sure is on a lot of gamers' minds lately, it's whether or not Nintendo has learned from last year's (arguably) disappointing E3 showing that all but ignored the hardcore gamer. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata even went so far as to apologize for their media briefing shortcomings and reassured long-time Nintendo fans that hardcore titles are coming.

There are plenty of eyes on Nintendo this year, and rumours of hardcore friendly titles such as a new Kid Icarus and even Pikmin 3 that Nintendo claims is in development -- but will we see these, or other hardcore-friendly titles at E3? Well my friends, I certainly don't have the answer. Maybe you do?

Dammit, we want to know:

Will Nintendo Please the Hardcore Gamer at E3?


Clinton said...

Nintendo will please the hardcore but it will only be Nintendo, with a new addition to one of their existing star franchises. Third-party sucess on the Wii has so far been elusive, particularly with these "core" games or games featuring more mature content. A Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong game sort of kills 2 birds with one stone, appeasing the hardcore and being friendly enough for casuals to get into.

Ninty would be foolish to not throw us a bone or two this E3.

Anonymous said...

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