Jun 26, 2009

AMP Rock Off: Performance by Meta Casa

By Paul Hunter

The interview is up, and now it's time to present to you the performance. This is Meta Casa and they are here representing the University of Winnipeg.

You'll notice right from the minute the performance starts that something is awry. No, it's not their performance (which was quite amazing), but the crowd. You see, if there is one thing this experience has taught me, it's that university students (not sure if they're all gamers) can be full of disrespect, maybe even flat out contempt. It was a little appalling, if not disgusting to hear all the booing and sneers.

Despite this, Meta Casa was impressive and I enjoyed every minute of their performance. I hope that you will agree:


Anonymous said...

Winnepeg you should support your people more!!!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Winnipeg booing it was Toronto people. Meta Casa was a bunch of great guys who were good sports. They actually should have complained due to the fact that they were given a real mic ( instead of a rockband one), the one guitar players guitar wasn't plug in until later in the performance, and the different levels they requested were all wrong and mixed up. On top of that during 90% of their online performance , it wasn't heard. Major technical problems that were not due to them.

Paul Hunter said...

Wow, I knew about the mic but didn't realize there was guitar problems as well. That's terrible.

It was so much fun meeting these guys, they put on an amazing show.

Anonymous said...

it was sort of unfair about this performance. theirs was like the test run, and they didn't get another chance to redo the problems that weren't their fault.

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