Canadian Gaming Flyers: June 21st Edition

By Paul Hunter

We all know that Xbox's Summer of Arcade is currently in full effect. For those people who are not currently Xbox owners, and missing out on all these great summer downloadable titles, then you really don't have a reason not to when you consider this week's Canadian gaming deals.

For one week only Best Buy, Future Shop and Wal-Mart are selling Xbox 360 Arcade units for $149.99. Considering these units debuted two years ago with a $279.99 price tag, that's pretty significant savings.

Future Shop also has a nice PS3 deal with a free copy of LittleBigPlanet and MLB 09: The Show thrown in when you buy a 160GB PS3 Uncharted bundle ($499.99). That's $20 off the regular price of $520, plus two free games. Makes me kind of sad because I bought a Metal Gear Solid 4 80GB PS3 bundle last year for $499. A year later you can get a PS3 with twice the hard drive space and three solid games.

Oh, and for those people who were in a black hole the last 9 years, Wal-Mart is selling a PS2 unit for $79. With a "how low can it go" mantra, this week sure resembles a party-size game of limbo.

Many more flyers highlights after the jump.

Best Buy

80GB PS3 with Killzone 2 $399.99
Transformers PS3/360 $69.99 with "Exclusive" unlockable Gen 1 Starscream in game character.
Two PS3 Dual Shocks for $90
inFamous PS3 $69.99
Logitech Driving Force wirless wheel PS3 (doesn't say which one but it looks like this one)
Metal Gear Solid 4 $29.99
Rachet and Clank $29.99
Grand Turismo Prologue $29.99
Prototype PS3/360 $44.99
Xmen Wolverine $39.99 save $30
60GB 360 with Prince of Persia and Chrome Hounds $299.99
360 Arcade $149.99
UFC $69.99
360 Wireless controller $49.99 save $10
Wii with Mario Kart $279.99
Resident Evil Archives $34.99
Conduit $54.99
Wii Wheel $9.99
Wii 2000 Points card $19.99
My Sims Racing $44.99
DS Lite with free Brain Age $139.99
Guitar Hero Modern Hits DS $59.99
Rock Band Unplugged $39.99
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite $34.99
Rockband complete Kit 2 360/PS3/Wii $149.99 save $40

Future Shop

Fight Night Round 4 PS3/360 $69.99
Transformers PS3/360 $69.99
Transformers Wii $59.99
160GB PS3 Uncharted bundle with Little Big Planet and MLB 09: The Show $499.99
Metal Gear Solid 4 $29.99
Rachet and Clank $29.99
Grand Turismo Prologue $29.99
inFamous $69.99
Lego Batman PS3 $19.99 (universal price drop)
Buy 2 select Blu-Rays get a free PS3 Remote, 17 to choose from
Wii with Mario Tennis and a Wii Hat $279.99
Wii Fit with EA sports active and a Wii Hat $164.99 Save $0
Wii Motion Plus $24.99
Mario Kart $59.99
Ghostbusters Wii $54.99!!!!
Ghostbusters PS3/360 $64.99
Tiger Woods 10 Wii $59.99
Tiger Wood 10 PS3/360 $69.99
DS Lite with The Price is Right $139.99
The Legend of Starfy $34.99
Pokemon Platinum $39.99
Trade in deal get a extra $10 on select trade in games must have a $10 trade in value.
60GB 360 with Hellboy $299.99
XBOX 360 Arcade $149.99 save $50
Riddick 360 $49.99
Wolverine 360 $49.99
Fallout 3 expansion $24.99
PSP Rockband $199.99
Loco Roco 2 PSP $19.99
Patapon 2 bundle PSP $34.99
MLB the show 08 PS2 $9.99


360 Arcade Unit $149
60GB Starter Kit $99
Wirless Adapter $69
PS2 $79
Metal Gear Solid 4 $29.83
Rachet and Clank $29.83
Grand Turismo Prologue $29.83
Guitar Hero World Tour PS2 $169.99
My Sims Racing Wii $44
My Sims Racing DS $34

[Thanks Princess Zelda!]