Jun 27, 2009

How Long Can The PSP Last?

By Andrew Shin

Good Saturday NextGen Player readers. I'm actually sitting inside on this fine summer day so that I could put forth another edition of our Mind Games feature. This is where we turn the stage over to you the reader and let you speak your mind.

For this week's segment, I want to pose the following question.

How long can the PSP last?

Why this question? Well, with the announcement of the PSP Go to be released later this year, there has been plenty of buzz regarding it's enhanced digital features and specifically the elmination of UMD media on the device. It's all about the internal hard drive (16GB built in to be exact) and downloading games and other media content. Sony has stated that it plans to support the exisitng PSP platform and UMD media. While Sony has shown the ability to support two generations of consoles at the same time with the PS2 and PS3, it`s a much different scenario with the PSP. In my opinion, the current PSP and UMD media days are numbered. Exactly when that will be, I'll give it between 2 or 3 years. But that's enough about me...let us know what you think.

How long can the PSP last?


Anonymous said...

Are you on about the new PSP Go or the old currently existing PSP????

Anonymous said...

may be there will be a combined mobile/gaming version of the psp if it happens I'm a first buyer

EvGar said...

I take it you don't like the PSP...?

What was the real point of this article?

Anonymous said...

the psp will last forever!!!! =D

Anonymous said...

i think the original will last up to 2 years. As they move more and more to digital distribution and drop the price of the go to the price point that the original psp is currently at it will be discontinued.

Anonymous said...

who cares how long it will last. the current psp can do everything the psp go except for blue tooth. but you can replace the battery in the current model and the battery lasts longer if you download your games.

So there isnt a reason to get the go when you can get a current model and 16gig card for less than it right now. Pluss the go only supports up to a 16 gig addition so down the road the current will be even cheeper

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