Cerebral Vortex Games Expanding Casual Games Line-Up

By Andrew Shin

St. Catharines, Ontario, based Cerebral Vortex Games recently announced a series of new casual and multi-platform games to their line-up. Available now is Mysterious Worlds: The Secret of Oak Island. This is a hidden object game where players search for clues and solve puzzles to discover the fabled treasure of Oak Island - this game is based on the real-life mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

As a bonus offer, a discount of $5 is available if the game is purchased through Cerebral Vortex Games website. Just use the promo code 5Y32CQ in the Coupon Code box when purchasing the game. This offer expires on July 21, 2009 at midnight, EST.

In addition to Mysterious Worlds: The Secret of Oak Island, CVG has also announced that they will be showcasing a number of games at next week's Casual Connect Seattle event. These games will be available in fall 2009. The titles include:

Ghost Breaker (iPhone): Battle murderous phantoms using your iPhone camera, powered by a mystical artifact that drains spectres of their essence. The spookiest part is not the ghosts, but the fact that you battle them in your own home, literally!

Trace Evidence: The Hunt for the Black Orchid (PC download): Detective work and forensic science meet in a match 3 game! The Black Orchid is a master criminal who swears nobody will ever catch him. Match the tiles to compare DNA, check for bomb residue, detect fingerprints and more. Every clue will bring you closer to arresting the Black Orchid!

Sonus (iPhone): The classic memory and rhythm game gets a high-tech makeover! Four modes and up to 10 buttons will give your brain and ears a challenge they'll never forget!

Word Burst (iPhone): The hit web word game comes to your iPhone! In Word Burst, players are presented with a grid full of random letters while a timer ticks down. Players spell words by rapidly clicking on letters. Creating a word and making it "burst" will award you points and more time-the longer the word, the better!

For more details on any of the games mentioned above, visit the Cerebral Vortex Games website.