Jul 28, 2009

Future Shop Games Trade-In Experience

By Andrew Shin

Last night I paid a visit to my local Future Shop with a handful of older video games I was looking to trade-in. Up until that point, I hadn't engaged with the program as my games trade-in activity was primarily with EB Games. So you may be asking what prompted me to alter my behaviour this time around? Well, a couple of factors. One, Future Shop was offering some fantastic trade-in values on various titles and two, I wanted to purchase an iPod Touch and the opportunity to receive in-store credit for my trade-ins was very appealing.

So off I went with the following games in hand.

- Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)
- Little Big Planet (PS3)
- Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)
- Gears of War (Xbox 360)
- NHL 09 (Xbox 360)
- Tomb Raider: Underworld (Xbox 360)
- Need For Speed: Undercover (Xbox 360)
- Grand Turismo 5: Prologue (PS3)
- Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360)

I already had a sense for the trade-in values I'd receive for the first 3 games on the list above as they were premium trade titles. I wasn't sure what the rest would bring in and so I really had no expectations. Lets just say I was pleasantly surprised. In total, I received $171.80 of in-store credit. I was literally taken aback for a few seconds when the sales rep relayed the good news to me.

So here are the trade-in values for my games:

- Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) - $40.00
- Little Big Planet (PS3) - $37.00
- Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) - $30.00
- Gears of War (Xbox 360) - $13.20
- NHL 09 (Xbox 360) - $13.20
- Tomb Raider: Underworld (Xbox 360) - $13.20
- Need For Speed: Undercover (Xbox 360) - $13.20
- Grand Turismo 5: Prologue (PS3) - $8.40
- Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360) - $3.60

I was quite impressed with the games that yielded $13.20 as I didn't expect titles such as NFS: Undercover, Tomb Raider: Underworld and Gears of War to be valued that high. In addition to the fantastic trade-in values, the sales rep who assisted me with the transaction made my first interaction with Future Shop's games trade-in program an efficient and positive experience. But best of all, the in-store credit I received was well utilized towards my purchase of a 16GB iPod Touch. Now I can begin playing some very cool iPod Touch games and likely do some future reviews.

The next time you are considering trading in some old games, I would recommend giving your local Future Shop try. You may get some great trade values and more importantly can use the in-store credit you receive towards the purchase of anything in the store.(NOTE: In Calgary, in-store credit received from games trade ins must be used towards a video game purchase).


Anonymous said...

hummm...sounds like a plug :/

Paul Hunter said...

Hey Anonymous,

Andrew came and told me about this experience this afternoon so it's definitely not a plug. I don't trade-in games (and rarely buy used too) so I can't comment on Future Shop's program.

I did write an article back in September where a member from the CheapAssGamer forum claimed to know the TIV formula, and if true, then I would say they give more $$$ than some other video game retailers out there.


Anyhow, there's nothing wrong with having a positive experience and writing about it. Heck, I should do the same -- I had an amazing experience this month buying all these door crashers from EB Games. I picked up FEAR 2, Guitar Hero 3, Last Remnant, and Project Gotham Racing 3. All those titles I bought for under $65 with tax. Amazing.

Andrew Shin (Drumega) said...

Hi there.

This was absolutely in no way a plug for Future Shop. Let me be clear that this was purely my assessment on my first interaction with Future Shop's games trade-in program. I wanted to share my experience with our readers.

Ultimately, one of the things we here at NextGen Player strive to do is provide our readers with our experiences and reviews related to the gaming industry in Canada. This includes any first hand experiences/interactions any of us engage in.

At the end of the day, I had a positive experience and wanted to share it and thus provide our readers with a more detailed assessment.

A plug would have been if I'd just arbitrarily given Future Shop's games trade-in program a thumbs up without even having engaged in it personally.

Clinton said...

That's a very generous return on your trade-ins, Andrew. Personally, I don't think there's any substitute for doing some legwork and posting ads on the buy n' sell, but your experience has made me look at Future Shop's trade-in program a little more favourably.

I'm sure a lot of gamers would like to have more options when it comes time for them to offload some of their unwanted titles. Just from reading your experience, FS looks like a valid option at that.

Anonymous said...

You should disclose that you work for FutureShop in some way shape or form.

Andrew Shin (Drumega) said...

In case you haven't read my previous statement, this is an objective review based on my personal experience with Future Shop's game trade-in program. I am NOT an employee of Future Shop.

We've done numerous reviews and news coverage for various retailers that provide game trade-in programs. This is just another in that manner.

Andrew Shin (Drumega) said...

Btw, in Paul's comment above, he meant "Andrew does not work for Future Shop."

Paul Hunter said...

[you're right Andrew, edited]

Andrew does not work for Future Shop. I contribute three times a week to their Tech Blog, but I'm completely independent from Future Shop and they don't dictate the content I write for them in any way, shape or form. I'm not sure how more obvious I can get about my contributions to the Future Shop Tech Blog, not only do I state it in every post I write that links to their site, but at the top right corner of the website there is a very visible logo that reads "Paul Hunter - Future Shop Tech Blogger". How much more clear do you want me to be?

Caliban said...

Shame on you for trading in Little Big Planet.

Anonymous said...

So the owner of this blog is somehow financially compensated by Future Shop? That makes objectivity convoluted does it not? Even if it's a different author.

Paul Hunter said...

@ Anonymous

I find it interesting that you're questioning our integrity when you first of all don't even sign your name to your post and secondly you make wild accusations without even asking the facts first.

To make things clear, Andrew is an owner of this site and he's not associated with Future Shop in any way. If you care to read Andrew's other posts on the site you'll see that he writes about all video game retailers and has good or bad things to say about them. In fact we all do.

It sounds like you're letting the Kane and Lynch fiasco on Gamespot get to your head. Not every media outlet is corrupt you know.

VancityAllie said...

Heh, a lot of fuss about nothing. The guys that work here are good guys, and definitely aren't promoting their own interests.

That looks like an AMAZING deal though. EBGames has slowly lost my business over the past few years with messed up pre-orders/pick-ups, VERY low trade-in value, and slow service.

I had no idea Future Shop trade-in was so good! I know where I'll be going now ;)

The Outcast said...

My biggest issue with Future Shop and their trade in's is that they have to match a specific UPC. I get games from US publishers and not just from Canadian Retailers and any that I have traded in usually don't scan, so they don't take them.

This can be frustrating that given the game is identiacal, it just doesn't have bilingual packaging. Unless this has changed recently it is my biggest gripe.

In terms of Mr. Anonymous, I can see part of his argument when you have a staffer who is a tech blogger for Future Shop. I think that is where he is getting it mixed up. I am not saying I agree with him or her, just that I see where their view is partially coming from as the link is up in your top right corner.

Anyhow, if there policy has changed I may think about going back there as I can buy some much needed Blu-rays.

Paul Hunter said...

@ VancityAllie thanks for the vote of confidence, we certainly like to advocate openness and transparency here at NextGen Player.

@ The Outcast I didn't realize that games traded-in needed to be the Canadian versions but I guess it makes sense since I'm sure there's a preference here for the bilingual version. Too bad it doesn't work out in your case though.

I also see your point about how Mr. Anonymous could get mixed up as I clearly do write for Future Shop's Tech Blog. That is a completely independent freelance thing and has absolutely no bearing on the content here at NextGen Player. I just write about stories that are newsworthy.

Just look at all those EB Games articles I wrote in July (there's at least 5 of them!)

Anonymous said...

@Paul Hunter
I should disclose that I'm not the original "Anonymous". I just followed up with his chain of thought. So I'm all the Anonymous post after the first.

I did this because a little disclaimer at the top of any post I read offering full disclosure of an authors position to possible objectivity gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I don't sign my name because I'm not a registered user here (call me Lazy, or better I'll now be referred to as LazyDude53).

Now per your comment:
"I find it interesting that you're questioning our integrity when you first of all don't even sign your name to your post and secondly you make wild accusations without even asking the facts first. "
So here's what I want to know. Are you or any members of this blog compensated in someway by FutureShop or it's affiliates? This is pretty important to know don't you think?

Ohh and I've never got to use this saying before, so here goes "don't sh_t where you eat". Awesome.

Now nobody get me wrong, I love this blog. I don't question anyones integrity. And I certainly don't think this post is less than honest. My experience at future shop trade-in was quite good as well. I would even add that they, from time to time, offer additional compensation on trade in by giving you a 10-15 dollar off coupon for the purchase of a new select title... pretty cool.

Long story short, a little disclaimer never hurt anybody..

Signed LazyDude53

LazyDude53 said...

Sorry, I didn't realize I could put a name without associating it to an account.

Drew said...

Thanks for clarifying. I think we can put this whole thing to rest now.

Oh but Andrew, 3 bucks for Bad Company? I would have given you 5 dude :P

Paul Hunter said...


Thanks for the longer comment and for stating your question.

At first I was taken aback by what you asked, simply because your question does seem to imply that you are questioning our site's integrity. But then I thought that even though you're intentionally asking a loaded question, it's always good to be critical of what you read. Since we value openness and honesty so much here at NextGen Player, I thought it was only appropriate to respond.

To answer, we do not accept paid blog entries here on NextGen Player, and no one here will ever accept compensation from any source in exchange for a write-up. We value original, unbiased and engaging content above all else on this site.

LazyDude53 said...

Paul, you've been very accommodating thus far with my constant berating, definitely respect that.
However, I think you missunderstood my question.

To clarify: I wanted to know if you receive any form of compensation for your work on the FutureShop Tech Blog.

Now this is of course none of my business. But... that fact dictates the objectivity of any content on NextGen Player related to FutureShop.

And now for the analogy. If I worked for Pepsi, and also wrote a blog called cola-review.com and in there said that Pepsi is the very best cola ever. I would certainly have to clearly indicate my relationship to Pepsi and any reasons I may be biased, allowing my readers to take my opinion regarding the delicious cola with a grain of salt.

We can certainly lay this to rest now. Thanks for playing along. Again, love this site. Come every day.

Paul Hunter said...


The work I do for Future Shop is freelance and is completely indepdendent from the work we do on this site. I'm not allowed to directly answer the question you asked because that information is confidential between me and Future Shop. Really I think it's pretty intrusive to be asking those sorts of things.

Let's go with the assumption that I volunteer my time on their Tech Blog -- would that change the situation in any way? No, not really. I'd still be writing for Future Shop on their site and therefore any mention I make of them on this site could be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Personally, I will not be writing opinion pieces of Future Shop because that would be a grey area for sure. What I will continue to do is talk about any hot deals they have or gaming events they might be hosting. I treat Future Shop no different than any other retailer here on NextGen Player. In other words, if there's something newsworthy going on, I'll be sure to let our readers know.

As you said (and Drew above) let's lay this one to rest now.

Esti said...

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Anonymous said...

Employees of FS suck ... all are $% idiots.

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