Jul 19, 2009

Is the PS3 Slim Fake?

By Paul Hunter

It's another lazy Sunday so that must mean it's time once again for another edition of Mind Games, a feature where we ask you, our loyal readers, questions that are slowly eating us up on the inside.

A week ago a YouTube user from the website ultimateplaystation.com uploaded a s-s-s-shaky cam video that is purportedly the first ever footage of the much rumoured PS3 Slim.

According to an Engadget write-up, there was a hot rumour in June that Sony has already signed manufacturing agreements with Foxconn and Pegatron to build the revised model in time for July delivery.

Adding fuel to this rumour, in IGN's latest Game Scoop! podcast, there appears to be a slip-up around the 45 minute mark with an IGN staffer seemingly confirming the site has a PS3 Slim in-hand.

With all these unconfirmed reports circling the internet, I want to know your opinion dammit -- is the PS3 Slim fake, or real?


Anonymous said...

It's real. I am just waiting for its release so I can go buy a discounted ps3 fat. I imagine the slim will have heating issues similar to the 360's infamous RRoD.

Anonymous said...

A slim model might mean even less for the end user. They already axed camera card slots and backwards compatability. I wonder how long it would take for the consumer to see any kind of real bennifit in price? Do you think the end of summer is the right time to stack the shelves? I suppose students would be a prime target if this is the case. VERDICT: TRUE I can see it. Sony, make sure its backwards compatabil!

Anonymous said...

okay we need communication or direct contact from someone in the factory that makes the playstation for sony and secondly we need details on how the factory works and what’s their policies.
and we need to know if the systems will be real and get accurate specs on the systems. apperantly they say that they will use legal action with pics so why not the info ( at least we will finally know )

Anonymous said...

Rumor: Sony to debut PS3 Slim on August 18 in Germany (cnet.com)

Anonymous said...

well, so much for this... its real and it still has nothing on a 60 gig model.

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