Mysterious Bedlam "Next Gen" IP Gets a Name

By Paul Hunter

While we're talking about new IPs that may have been leaked by the Telefilm press release, let's add another one shall we.

I've been following they mysterious game being developed by Toronto-Based Bedlam Games, a company formed by industry professionals from Rockstar, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. They've had a "next gen" in development for some time now, and if you go to their website and click on projects, you'll see some cool concept art. It looks like the game stars a gladiator protagonist equipped with a round shield and sporting a bear mask.

Well, on the Telefilm website they list a Bedlam game called "Last Ones Standing" that has qualified for funding. I have no doubt it's the same game, and with this new funding it looks like the project will be pressing forward.

I'll put in a word to Bedlam Games to see if we can get more details.