Jul 12, 2009

Oh Trine -- Will You Be Mine?

By Paul Hunter

It's not very often that I get infatuated with a video game, but by gosh I'm just smitten over Trine. The debut trailer (above) for the recently released PC game (and upcoming PSN game) by Nobilis and Frozenbyte was released this past December and since then I've looking forward to this game with great interest.

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Will said...

Looks very interesting. Always been a huge Castlevania fan, so any medieval side-scroller piques my interest.

Paul Hunter said...

Hey Will,

If you have a Steam account you should go on over there and download the demo for Trine. I think you'll really enjoy it if you're a fan of Castlevania. I ended up playing through the entire demo twice -- it was that good!

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