Jul 26, 2009

Pure Pwnage Working on Something Called "Project X"

By Paul Hunter

Last year the Toronto-based Pure Pwnage team suffered a devastating loss when Troy Dixon, who played T-bag in the internet mockumentary series, died in a car crash on December 6, 2008. It was a tragic event that has really shaken the team, the Gamer Army and the Pure Pwnage community members.

Series creator Jarett Cale mentioned on their blog back in January that another episode is underway and however depressing given the circumstances, the show will continue. No release date for the episode, the 19th in the series, was given.

A curious new blog post was released back on July 20 on the Pure Pwnage website stating that:

"Pure Pwnage web series is temporarily on hold. A new and exciting development, which we will call "Project X", is the cause of this delay. We will be able to make a formal announcement sometime in the coming month, so please consider this an announcement of that announcement (they seem to be all the rage now)."

No other information was provided, leaving the guessing game wide open. Considering the popularity of Pure Pwnage series, and that we know episode 19 was being worked on back in January, I would find it hard to imagine the show wouldn't continue at some point, but you never know. Maybe they're planning a spin-off or a new show entirely.

Stay tuned for more details as they come.


Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to admit it, but here be semantics: not all members of the Pure Pwnage community are in the Gamer Army. The GA is the official fan club, which requires a paid "enlistment."

Paul Hunter said...

Thanks for those insights, I made a small update to the post.

Anonymous said...

I hated to see T-Bag pass away. He was a great person and added a lot to the show.

That said, he was not a main character. He had been added that season and the show could potentially continue without him.

However, it did not, and interest has been falling dramatically ever since. Just put out another episode already, give the fanboys what they want.

Paul Hunter said...

For me it's a really sensitive issue, I mean I definitely hope to see more Pure Pwnage episodes but given the situation I completely respect their decision if they decide to wrap up the series. At least we know they're working on *something*, even if all we know is the name "Project X".

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