Rumour: Zellers BOGO on Games Under $20

Guest Post - Leif Conti-Groome

We all have seen the value bins at our favourite retailers; from the massive cages at Wal-Mart to the elusive boxes at Best Buy, they come in all shapes (and by all shapes, I guess I just mean cube) and sizes. They have been able to set many a gamer’s imagination aflutter with the possibilities of finding a Grand Theft Auto or a Forza buried under piles of plastic cases, or better yet, a previously undiscovered gem that will make your console whir with glee.

Well, if the rumours are true, Zellers is making the process of diving into those bargain bins even sweeter. According to a forum post on Cheap Ass Gamer, Zeller’s flier starting July 31st features a BOGO promo where all games under twenty dollars can be paired with a game of equal or less value and that second game can go home with you for free.

To help prep everyone to wade through the sea of bargain bin games, we've prepared a simple five-step process:

Step one, go out and buy a diving mask but make sure it’s not too expensive or it will make this deal moot.

Step two, find the bargain aquarium inside your closest Zellers and jump in.

Step three, admire all the local specimens as you wade through the pile with too many large sales stickers. You should look for schools of DS games or Wii games you've never heard of swimming in various spots.

Step four, find your catch and come up for air. Dry off and head to the checkout counter to weigh and mount your whopper.

Step five, mount your newly acquired games on your wall. By which I mean, play them.