So, Who's Leading in the EP Fan Threads?

By Paul Hunter

Remember back in high school when popularity contests were all the rage? Heck, maybe you're in high school and they're currently all the rage. Whatever your situation is, you'll either be quite familiar being in the enviable, cool kid group or the really, extremely, awkward nerd squad. Me? I'm damn cool, always have been. Just ask my high school BFF named SNES.

Just because we're adults doesn't mean we always have to act that way. Sometimes, it's fun to turn non-competitions into real competitions just because we can. So that's exactly what we're going to do this evening.

On the Electric Playground forums there are a number of sticky threads where viewers of the show can self-identify as fans of the five television hosts. As expected, some hosts got more replies, more thread page views, leaving me to conclude that they simply must be cooler. Oh sure, my methods aren't scientifically sound, but since when do judgmental people ever subject themselves to scrutiny?

So, who exactly is leading the pack?

1st place (tie) - Donna "Mei Mei" Park
Thread Replies: 29, Thread Views: 8858

1st place (tie) - Fubar a.k.a. Jose Sanchez
Thread Replies: 34, Thread Views: 5036

3rd place (tie) - Briana "Bei Bei" McIvor
Thread Replies: 5, Thread Views: 306

3rd place (tie) - Miri "The Jedi" Jedeikin
Thread Replies: 4, Thread Views: 241

Results notes:

- it was a horse race between Donna Mei-Ling and Fubar and it's hard to determine who is leading. Fubar has 5 more replies but is trailing by over 3,800 thread views. Considering that replies can be interpreted as a vote, they are clearly much more valuable than passive views. For this reason alone, Fubar's 5 additional replies ties Donna's 3,800 thread view lead.

- for Briana and Miri, it's clear that Briana is marginally in the lead with 1 extra reply and 65 more thread page views. With that said, their numbers are so close that it's hard to definitively conclude who's cooler. I think we're just going to have to wait until more data is available to know for sure.

Note: Victor Lucus was disqualified for being too popular. If he was allowed in it would be a no-contest. His thread reply count and thread view count was significantly higher than the rest of the group's scores combined. It's got to be the hair, it just has to be. There's no other way to explain this:

Victor Lucas
Thread Replies: 360, Thread Views: 51600