Jul 27, 2009

Vancouver's Video Game Family Tree Keeps on Branching Out

By Paul Hunter

I found a nifty image on The Straight's website earlier this month that illustrates the Vancouver area developer family tree.

As expected, the company formed by Microsoft's Don Mattrick in 1982, Distinctive Software, seems to be great, great grandparent to pretty much every other studio that has sprung up in the city. It's pretty cool to see how one studio gave birth, or at least contributed significantly, to a thriving hotbed of the gaming industry.

So for all you Xbox 360 bashers out there, just remember that if it wasn't for the Donny-boy, we likely wouldn't have EA Canada, Radical Entertainment, Relic Entertainment, Black Box Games, Action Pants, Slant Six Games -- I could go on but really, what's the point?



Clinton said...

This was pretty much the meat of Mattrick's GDC Canada keynote back in May. He may not be the silver-tongued charmer that is Peter Moor, his predecessor at Xbox, but Mattrick's influence on the current state of the Vancouver games development scene cannot be denied.

Paul Hunter said...

Absolutely Clinton, I would give Mattrick credit for jump starting the Vancouver industry. Sounds like it was an interesting keynote speech.

Anonymous said...

on their webpage they say : we specialize in developing games for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable.

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