Aug 18, 2009

EBGames Canada Has an Email Flyer

By Paul Hunter

I was visiting the EBGames Canada's website today and noticed they have an email newsletter sign-up on the main page. It has to be a new initiative because I check out the site at least once a month, either that or I'm stupidly blind.

So what do you get for signing up? Well, the registration page says you'll receive promotional information, coupons and links to a weekly ad that only subscribers will receive.

It's worth a try, so I've signed up to see what the newsletter has to offer. I'll be sure to post any good deals I see right here on NextGen Player.


MrMiGu said...

you link goes to a blank page

Anonymous said...

Good find.

Paul Hunter said...

The link works for me MrMigu. Try again. :P

Mike said...

It makes me sad to think people shop at EB Games.

Anonymous said...

mike don't be a dick. It makes ME sad to see you spending time insulting people on a fucking gaming site.

Anonymous said...

it makes me sad that my local eb games still has not lowered the xbox prices like all the other stores have and that when i called to ask the lady was quite rude about it

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