Lil Poison Added to GX

By Paul Hunter

Proving that the Fan Expo's GX line-up keeps on getting bigger and better, Hobbystar Marketing have officially announced that the world's youngest pro gamer, Lil Poison, has been added as a featured guest.

Not only will Lil Poison be at the GX, you'll also have a chance to play him at Rogers Ultimate Gamers Lounge booth on the show floor.

Looking at his bio, Lil Poison began playing video games at the young age of 2 years old and began competing in at a local New York Halo tournament when he was only 4 years of age.

Lil Poison is without a doubt one of the most recognizable pro gamers in the world today, making his appearance at the Fan Expo one of those "can't-miss" opportunities.

For more information on him, check out his in-depth bio on Fan Expo's website.