Aug 8, 2009

Mirror's Edge $9.99 at EB Games

By Paul Hunter

Look there's NGP contributor Alice decked in her favourite make-up - Faith from Mirror's Edge.

Now that members of the RedFlagDeals forum are saying that the game is selling for $9.99 for the Xbox 360 I think I'll have to go see if it's true. I should have picked up the game last year, but with so many hot titles such as Rock Band 2, Bioshock (PS3), Valkyria Chronicles, Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Prince of Persia (etc.) I unfortunately overlooked this neat looking title.

Supposedly the PS3 version is still selling for $19.99 so if you don't have a 360 it looks like you have to pay a $10 penalty.

I should try convincing Alice to free run with me to the mall to see if we can shave off a few minutes from the hike. She's got the look down, but can she back it up with the moves?

If you don't hear from me in a few days you can safely assume I'm stuck in the rafter of some shady, abandoned Toronto warehouse. Gap jumping has never been my thing, really.


Mike said...

Also saw it at wal mart in the bargain bin for same price. Very under appreciated game, i really liked it.

Bruce said...

Boring, repetive game. That is about what it is worth.

Paul Hunter said...

I just came back from my local Wal-Mart and this particular store still had the Xbox 360 version on the shelf for $19.99. I looked inside the bargain bin but couldn't find it there. I ended up making my way to EB Games and picked up the 360 version for $9.99, so I can confirm this is the price.

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