Nintendo of Canada Giving Away $500 Game Cash Vouchers in Kellogg's Cereal

By Paul Hunter

Eating cereal in the morning can be a little drab, it's just you, some dry cereal and a splash of milk. Not very exciting if you ask me. Take that thought though and add the possibility of finding a voucher for $500 towards the purchase of any Nintendo product and now you've got me interested.

In a new Kellogg's back to school promotion in partnership with Nintendo of Canada, inside specially marked packages of cereal you can find $5 or $10 Game Cash coupons printed on the inside of the box to be used towards any Nintendo game or product your heart desires. Better yet, there are one hundred $500 winning vouchers that are also randomly inserted inside the cereal boxes. Wii games are already cheap enough in comparison to Xbox 360 and PS3 games so your $500 should go pretty far.

I don't eat that much cereal but I'll probably pick up a box and use the $5 or $10 printed coupon towards Wii Sports Resort. Of course if I win a $500 winning ticket I'll probably buy Wii Sports Resort and an extra Wii MotionPlus. Nifty!

Source: Nintendo of Canada