Plants vs. Zombies Micro-Review: Rooted in Fun

By Paul Hunter

I wrote a micro-review of Plants vs. Zombies over on the Future Shop Tech Blog earlier this month. I generally find PopCap games to be fun, addictive and a little on the cute side. Plants vs. Zombies definitely fits the mold well.

From the review:

"Like most Popcap games, the game is balanced perfectly to suit casual or hardcore players. In the latter half of the Adventure Mode the battles get quite intense and requires quick reflexes, accurate timing and a well thought-out plan. To round out the title, there are four other modes that each present you with different scenarios and objectives. For example, the Mini-Game Mode presents you with 20 themed games, many of which parody other game titles with names such as Beghouled, Portal Combat, and Whack a Zombie. There are also Puzzle and Survival Modes that further extend the gameplay."

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This article appears on the Future Shop Tech Blog where I contribute three times weekly.