You Might Not Want To Buy Madden NFL 10 At Retail

By Paul Hunter

Thinking about picking up Madden NFL 10 today? Well, before you go hop, skip and jump to your local retailer consider this: Sports Illustrated is giving the game away free with a paid subscription.

I'm not personally a huge fan of Sports Illustrated (I've only ever read the swimsuit editions), but this deal is almost too sweet to not consider. Here's the economic breakdown:

A subscription to SI costs less than $60, Madden NFL 10 costs $70 at retail, so right off the bat you're actually saving ten loonies. When you add in that you also get a free Madden documentary that probably adds at least another ten loonies to the savings. So that's probably around $140-150 worth of goods for a mere $60. How they manage to run these types of campaigns profitably is beyond me.

I wonder what my girlfriend will say if a swimsuit edition randomly appears in our mailbox?

[Thanks to Mike G for the tip!]