Sep 27, 2009

21 Ultimate Pictures of the Ultimate Gaming Experience

By Paul Hunter

While at the Rogers Ultimate Gaming Experience yesterday, getting my hands on a personalized LeetBeatMeat graffiti tshirt wasn't the only attraction (far from it). You see, there was lots going on during the event including gaming tournaments, martial artist performances, a cosplay contest and well, general gaming.

Needless to say, I snapped quite a few photos while perusing each attraction. Here's but a small taste of what the UGE had to offer:

For the full album, check out our Flickr page.


Shaun said...

So they had Spartans there? And kickboxers? This event sounds like it was amazing.

Paul Hunter said...

Yeah, there was a lot to see and do. We followed the Spartans around the nightclub because we thought they were so cool looking, lol.

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