Sep 6, 2009

Check Out These Great Value Games at HMV

By Paul Hunter

Normally whenever I get an urge to buy a video game, HMV is not a retailer that comes to mind. In fact the only time I've specifically went the retailer for a video game was when they hosted a midnight launch for Metal Gear Solid 4.

Sure they've had games lining their shelves for a long time now, but my experiences haven't been the best. High prices, low stock, and a small selection seem to be the norm.

After reading this post on Cheap Ass Gamer however, it looks like there are some pretty good deals if you look deep enough. On their website there are a number of value priced games that certainly seem reasonable if you're in the market.

Some of the notable low price games include:

Eternal Sonata - $24.99

Saints Row: Collectors Edition - $29.99

Grand Theft Auto IV - $29.99

Not too shabby and I may go pick-up Eternal Sonata at that price point. If anyone else discovers a hidden gem at a good price send us a note on our tip line.


Anonymous said...

HMV are in the US too? I never knew that, thought they were only in the UK lol. Not much use to me then, though the games are worth getting for anyone who hasn't already.

Paul Hunter said...

Not sure about the US as this article references Canada. I wouldn't be surprised if HMV is also in the US.

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