Ebay Canada Says Holiday 2009 Will See a "Retro Revival"

By Paul Hunter

I received a note from Ebay Canada not too long ago that I thought was interesting and made the vintage gamer in my smile broadly. According to their internal data crunching there's a retro revival going on now at Ebay.ca with classic and vintage consoles and games topping the wish list for many.

The data also uncovered some interesting facts including:

* Based on search results on eBay.com, Atari moved up 22 places in searches from June ’08 to June ’09.

* There are almost 6,000 listings in the Vintage Games category, including almost 300 items that are new and have never been used.

* When it comes to vintage consoles, Nintendo and Atari top the list of popular searches.

* There are more than 1,000 sports-themed games available for classic consoles like the NES and more than 60 games currently available for the Atari.

* There are more than 300 classic racing-themed games available for the NES and Sega Genesis.

Personally, I just recently got into buying used games on Ebay.ca and have had a good experience overall. The main recommendations I have are to always check the reputation of each seller and if you're Canadian, be sure to check the shipping and handling charges when making a purchase. I tend to buy from Canadians if there's a seller simply because you can avoid international shipping and I find the games ship quicker.

What I actually find just as interesting as retro games is all the gaming toys and other merchandise. I've been eying a lifesize Sora keyblade for months now. I really want one.