Fan Expo: God of War III Demo Hands-on

By Paul Hunter

This past weekend at the Fan Expo I got my hands on the God of War III demo and sunk a good amount of time into the game. I wrote an impression piece over on the Future Shop Tech Blog if you're curious.

From the article:

"Graphically, God of War III is like a classic Greek painting brought to life. Maybe the best next gen visuals I have ever seen. It's a gritty, gory experience from the minute you descend upon Mt. Olympus and unleash the first swing of your trademark Blades of Athena. I played the demo at 1080p HD resolution on a 70" flat screen television which magnified the crisp graphics to such scale that it was hard to not just sit back and watch the game."

[Click here to read my full God of War III impressions]

This article appears on the Future Shop Tech Blog where I contribute three times weekly.