Help Us Frag For Cancer

By Paul Hunter

My good friend Evan Oberman is a lead organizer of Frag For Cancer, a Canadian-based charity that hosts a series of events to raise money for a real-world 'bad-guy', that being cancer. The organization came to be after a gamer lost his father to cancer and vowed to raise awareness, funds and philanthropy in his community.

This year to raise money to combat this deadly disease, the charitable organization has an auction going on right now for The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition (for the console of your choice) and an Autographed T-Shirt signed by designers, artists, testers and other members of Harmonix, the makers of The Beatles: Rock Band, as well as a swag pack of stickers and pins to go with it.

Here's a picture of the signed t-shirt:

Right now there is 8 bids, with the current bid at $76 US.

At NextGen Player we feel it's important to bring the Canadian and international gaming communities together to create awareness and raise money for a good cause. Please help spread the word, and consider donating to this excellent cause.