Sep 30, 2009

Interviewed on Global News, Here's The Video Clip

By Paul Hunter

Yesterday was X'09, Xbox Canada's annual preview event for media and devoted community members. At the event Microsoft facilitated an interview between me and Global News to discuss the heated holiday season console wars.

During our roughly 10 minute chat, I gave the Global reporter a rundown of what I feel are the strengths and weaknesses regarding all three platforms, and a global perspective on this generation of consoles.

While I knew only a small portion of our conversation would end up landing on the 6pm and 11pm news, the one quote I was hoping they would use wound up being the one selected for the news report. So, I couldn't be more pleased.

It's a great video, and certainly asks a question I'm sure is on a lot of gamers' minds -- which console is going to dominate the sales charts in Q4 of 2009? I have my opinion, we'll see if it pans out in January.

Here's the link to the Global News video clip: Console Wars

(or click the image above)


Shaun said...

Global kept making it seem like they were going to play the X'09 coverage after every commercial break. Glad I tuned in to see it - totally surreal seeing people you know on television. Congrats!

Paul Hunter said...

Thanks Shaun! You're right...they showed a split second preview and seemed to imply it would be on next. And of course 20 minutes later the clip finally aired. Talk about keeping me in suspense!

VancityAllie said...

Hey Paul, congratulations! That's great coverage for the site and for you!

I loved the clip they picked for you :)

Paul Hunter said...

Thanks VancityAllie, it was one of my better quotes so I'm happy. :P

Jorge said...

That's awesome Paul. Shaun msg'd me and told me to tune into Global and there was your mug on the t00b.

You're famoso!

Paul Hunter said...

Haha thanks Jorge. I wouldn't say famous, but it was certainly cool to be on TV!

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