NGP's Must-Read List: Toronto Thumbs

By Paul Hunter

See that guy there? That's Mike Jackson. I don't know him, but I do know we have one thing in common -- a mutual appreciation for the Canadian-bred video game website Toronto Thumbs. I like the website so much that I've nominated for the very first edition of NextGen Player's must-read list.

So how does one get awarded such a prestigious distinction? First of all, it has to be Canadian. I love dozens of international websites, but you know what, many of them seem to hog the limelight. This ongoing feature here at NextGen Player will spotlight some lesser known, but equally as deserving websites in the Canadian gaming landscape. Next, the website has to be quality through-and-through. Absolutely no hack websites are even being considered. As the games industry matures I feel the writing has to keep pace. Gaming isn't kids fair anymore.

That's pretty much it for the criteria, Canadian and quality. Let's have a look at our first recipient, Toronto Thumbs.

I first stumbled upon the website in July of 2008, a few months after founding NextGen Player. To my surprise, it was very Canadian-focused and that immediately attracted my attention. You see, the reason I started NextGen Player in the first place is because I saw a clear lack of quality Canadian gaming blogging. It wasn't until I landed on the Toronto Thumbs website that I realized that there were more professionally run, Canadian-centric gaming blogs out there. I suppose sentimentally, that's why I have such a strong liking for Toronto Thumbs.

The founder of the website is Shaun Hatton, a true gaming connoisseur and an all-around great guy. We decided to meet-up earlier this year over tacos in a Mexican joint downtown Toronto and basically spent an hour chatting about games. Trust me when I say this -- the guy knows his stuff. One of the best reasons why I enjoy Toronto Thumbs is simply because Shaun and his staff write insightful, thought-provoking articles.

Another great aspect of Toronto Thumbs is the community-focused elements such as the Forum, the podcast, and the consistent commenting on the blog. There always seems to something to chat about on Toronto Thumbs, which makes the blog appealing for return visits.

All-in-all, it's a fantastic Canadian gaming website run by a bunch of great guys. If you haven't checked out Toronto Thumbs, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Stay tuned in a few weeks for our next must-read feature article.