Scribblenauts Rooster Hat is Damn Chic

By Paul Hunter

As if we need another reason to believe that Canada kicks ass, but here's a good one for you. EB Games Canada is giving away the best pre-order bonus of the year with a free Scribblenauts Rooster Hat while supplies last.

Oh sure, Modern Warfare 2 has night vision goggles, Batman: Arkham Asylum had an authentic Batarang, but neither of those are as practical and stylish as a Rooster Hat. Not to mention that we're quickly heading into fall weather here in Canada so the timing couldn't be better.

Considering that there aren't many reasons not to pick-up Scribblenauts, I expect to see many of these fuzzy hats on Canadian heads in just a few short weeks. If you're brave enough to wear one in public and want instant fame, snap a photograph and send it to us at