Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

By Paul Hunter

Wow, I am lethargic. I just got home from a gluttonous weekend consisting of excessive amounts of mashed potatoes, stuffing and homemade pumpkin pie. This morning I weighed myself and came in three pounds heavier than when I arrived on Friday evening. Looks like I'll have lots of Wii Sports Resort to play this week to burn off all this surplus poundage.

Over the weekend I had a chance to dabble in some older PSP titles that I've been meaning to play for some time, namely Crush and LocoRoco. Both games were fun in their own way.

For those of you who haven't played Crush, it's a puzzle game that reminds me of Paper Mario insofar as you have this ability to compress 3D landscapes into a flat, 2D world. It also reminds me of Echochrome since seemingly impossible platform become instantly accessible by rotating the world and "crushing" it into 2D. I'm on level 23 of 40 so I still have a few hours of gameplay time to go.

LocoRoco on the other hand is just plain weird, but in a good way. It has charm, I'll give it that. I'm only on the fourth stage but already I'm hooked. Your character is this small, circular yellow critter (called a LocoRoco) and as you progress through a stage you consume berries and grow fatter. Eventually you become this amorphous, gelatinous blob that you need to help bob and bounce its way to victory. The game can be a little over-the-top at times (e.g. your LocoRoco constantly lip synch to chessy music as you play), but overall I'm enjoying the experience.

So, what about everyone else -- any cool games you played this weekend?