Oct 3, 2009

jefftheworld Plays Nuit Blanche. Tonight. Toronto.

By Paul Hunter

Listen up Torontonians, tonight is the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, the citywide cultural celebration of contemporary arts.

Don't miss your chance to see jefftheworld perform his famous guerilla chip music performance at a free concert tonight. See the clip above for a sample. Other chip music artists performing tonight include deadbeatblast, Eastern Block, and (maybe) J Athur Keenes.

For more information, check out the event page on Facebook. See you there!

[Thanks to Crazy Joe for the tip]


jefftheworld said...

This time I'll be performing music that's not incomplete!

So expect a much less stiff performance! I jump around like a maniac normally, I swear. It's embarrassing as hell. Don't bring chidren, they'll be all "Daddy, what's wrong with that man?"

Seriously though, so much new music being played! DBB is absolutely great and Eastern Blok is premiering! Check us out!

Paul Hunter said...

Very cool jeff, I can't wait to see your performance tonight. Looking forward to it with great anticipation!

Justin Amirkhani said...

Man, the show was fantastic tonight. I was really looking forward to seeing jefftheworld perform but I had no idea his companions would also be so entertaining.

Paul Hunter said...

The show was great last night. I especially loved the audience participation.

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