Oct 12, 2009

My Uncharted 2 Haiku

By Paul Hunter

Looks like with today being Thanksgiving and all here in Canada that no retailers are open for midnight madness parties for Uncharted 2. Phooey.

Regardless, I'm still hyped for the launch tomorrow and have prepared this nifty little haiku to express my excitement. I hope you find it better than my Mega Man poem I wrote last year. Well, enjoy:

Tomorrow's the day
When UC2 will release
Hollywood is dead


Anonymous said...

I've come across Gamerama 2370 Yonge street open only for the release. Sadly too far for me

Paul Hunter said...

Our office is close to Gamerama, great store. They tend to be open at midnight for most big releases. Good to see at least one store in Canada is staying open for this blockbuster title.

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