NGP Mentioned In Torontoist, Toronto Thumbs

By Paul Hunter

Someone recently made a comment on our Twitter account that NextGen Player really gets around. My response was yes, yes we do. But in a good way. You see, we have this inexplicable desire to be approachable and friendly to just about everyone. Especially gamers, we have a real soft spot for them.

It just so happens that recently two of our gamer friends mentioned our site in their recent write-ups on the Playstation Canada Holiday Event. That being Lori Dance from the Torontoist and Shaun Hatton from Toronto Thumbs.

We're very grateful for being mentioned in their articles and thought we'd pass along a link to their most excellent coverage of the event.

Torontoist -- You Must Be at Least This Awesome to Play

Toronto Thumbs -- PlayStation Holiday Preview Event, LEGO Rock Band

And you know, whoever said that nice guys finish last I bet has never had their name mentioned in widely read online magazines. Take it from me, nice guys always finish second last or better.